The Exergy System User Control Interface

Numerous studies have confirmed that people want and need control over their environment – and lighting is an important element. When given such control, occupants are able to enhance their environment, maximizing user comfort and productivity.

Interior Demo

Our microprocessor-based lighting control system provides full-range dimming and individual addressability of incandescent, low-voltage, fluorescent, LED, and HID lighting sources.
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Exterior Demo

Exergy Control’s unique wireless “mesh” network creates a digital address for each light fixture, allowing them to be controlled individually or in groups for a truly custom design.
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Multiple Scene Selection

Exergy Controls directs each fixture individually, matching lighting system performance to the current activity in each space. Users have the ability to select illumination levels – placing light where needed and in the appropriate amounts. Lighting scenes are developed in conjunction with user direction, providing multiple
light levels to accommodate various activities such as:

Office Tasks Paper Tasks Computer Work Project Meeting
Conference Rooms Meetings Presentations Training
Educational Teaching Environments Reading/Writing
White Board Instruction
Computer Work
Video Instruction
Group Work
Multi-purpose Rooms General Sports
Social Activities
Team Competition


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