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The Exergy System: Digital Exterior Controls

Exergy Controls provides individual management of exterior parking, walkway and roadway lighting fixtures.


Exergy’s unique wireless “mesh” network creates a digital address for each light fixture, allowing them to be controlled individually or in groups. Outdoor lighting system performance can be tailored to switch or dim individual fixtures as traffic in parking and roadways diminish. Exterior fixtures can be managed independently or as part of a unified interior & exterior lighting control and management system.

Wireless Mesh Network

Exergy Controls digital technology ensures your lighting control and management system will, silently and effortlessly, deliver the sophistication and dependable performance demanded by today’s complex facilities. Exergy Controls integrates wireless “Mesh” technology to deliver secure, reliable and infinitely expandable connectivity.

MESH NETWORK Based on IEEE 802.15.4 network standards, signals are distributed throughout this virtual network.

TRANSCEIVER Operating as a true network, each wireless node retransmits every received message, eliminating the need for direct communication with the XRG-1000.

RELIABLE While technologically state-of-the-art, this communications technology is extremely dependable and robust and has been used for many years by agencies such as NASA to communicate in extremely demanding environments.

SECURITY Cutting-edge 128-bit AES encryption (used to protect classified documents and systems) ensures your system stays exclusively under your control at all times.

EXPANDABILITY Without the constraint of wires, expansion is quick and easy. As demands dictate, a near limitless number of devices can be integrated into a single, easy to manage network.

Why Choose The Exergy System?

  • California Title 24 Compliant
  • Reduces energy costs by 40% to 65%
  • Control interior and exterior lights
  • Compatible with Major Browsers
  • Testimonials and case studies available
  • Download

Digital Diming Ballast

Available through major ballast manufacturers, these premium-grade digital dimming ballasts are microchip controlled, providing the ultimate in lamp performance and control.

Dimming Capabilities
Linear Sources – 100% down to 1%
Compact Fluor Sources – 100% down to 3%

Each ballast is individually programed with specific operating characteristics:

  • Maximum Level
  • Mimimum Level
  • Emergency Operation

Wireless Controllers

In conjunction with the time scheduling capability of the XRG-1000 system, users are able to manage their lighting loads as a unified system, providing superb operational flexibility. System architecture allows any fixture (either independently or in groups) to be switched on and off and set to specific dim levels automatically. The wireless controller fully supports encryption and interference avoidance, providing seamless 24/7 access to the fixture with the reliability of a wired system.

XRG-500 Series
Pole-Mounted Wireless Controller

The XRG-500 Series Pole-Mounted Wireless 0-10V Controller is a key part of the XRG-1000’s robust outdoor subsystem. It is designed to be easily mounted within a parking lot, site or roadway light pole, providing independent on/off control of up to four 400w fixtures. Each controller can provide up to two independent 0-10v dimming channels.


Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 1.53.56 PMXRG-501 Series
Fixture-Mounted Wireless Controller

The XRG-501 Fixture-Mounted Wireless 0-10V Controller is designed to be easily installed within an enclosure or lighting fixture, providing on/off control of any source up to 400 watts and dimming control via a 0-10v interface.

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