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The Power of Digital Control

The Power of Digital Control

Complete control of your lighting system, both interior and exterior, is now achievable through advanced wired and wireless technology, regardless of electrical power circuiting. Each fixture can be independently switched and dimmed to provide appropriate illumination while using the lowest possible energy.


XRG – 1000 Digital Lighting Control System

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WIRED TECHNOLOGY Digital communication via a two-wire bus provides an inexpensive platform to build the most sophisticated lighting control network. True two-way communication allows for instantaneous lighting system response to environmental variables and user demands as well as real-time information on system status, diagnostic system analysis, and identifying maintenance issues. Fixtures, sensors and switches are integrated into this powerful bus, allowing for a scalable control system managing one room or an entire campus.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY  Digital wireless technology allows for instantaneous communication with each fixture, without costly rewiring. Using Exergy’s digital wireless technology, multiple lights on a single pole can now be powered as part of a single circuit but controlled individually or in groups.

CAPACITY  Expansion or modification of your network is quick and easy. A nearly limitless number of devices can be integrated into wired and wireless networks operating together within a single system.

CONTROL  Exergy’s Digital Control Cabinet is provided with Ethernet access, allowing it to reside on your existing network. Manage and monitor your entire facilities interior and exterior lighting system from a single location; identifying operation status, lamp outages and even when it is time to group relamp.

MANAGEMENT  Exergy’s digital system provides sophisticated capabilities from an easy to use graphic interface, allowing users to develop operational designs of any complexity. Exergy’s engineers provide assistance throughout the instalation and operation of your system via initial on-site commissioning and follow-on assistance via Remote Access

TECHNOLOGY This reliable and secure technology utilizes robust 128-bit AES encryption (used to protect classified documents and systems) ensuring your system stays exclusively under your control at all times.

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Optimizing the performance of today’s sophisticated illumination fixtures requires a computer-based lighting control system. Exergy Controls utilizes an intelligent network of highly reliable and cost effective “smart” devices that work in concert to create a pleasant and productive environment.


Energy and Cost Savings

Up to 50% Nighttime Exterior Energy Savings ExergyChartsInt

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