Saving Energy

Reducing Costs and Energy Use

Reduce Lighting Loads by 40% to 65%!

Lighting accounts for the majority of your monthly energy consumption.


Task Tuning

To achieve uniformity and provide for various light loss factors (lamp aging, dust, etc.) designers are forced to engineer more light into spaces than is initially required. During commissioning this excess illumination can be eliminated so light levels will never go beyond a specific set point, which is commonly the highest light level required.

Occupancy Monitoring

Exergy Controls continuously monitors each space with “smart” dual-technology sensors which turn off lights when spaces are empty and instantly return them to an entry light level when occupants return. Our adaptive technology sensors can provide information regarding occupancy status to HVAC and security systems, eliminating redundant equipment.

User Control

Space occupants understand the need to partner with management to eliminate wasted energy but in many cases lack the basic tools. Providing users with control over their space illumination not only gives them essential environmental control but presents them with an opportunity to substantially reduce lighting energy consumption.Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.19.21 AM

Daylight Harvesting

Natural daylight from windows and skylights provide facilities with free illumination when its effects can be captured. Exergy’s microprocessor-enhanced daylight harvesting sensors and embedded mathematical algorithms identify available sunlight and adjust lighting system performance to achieve selected light levels with minimum electrical energy – for any level selected by users.Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 11.24.56 AM

Combined Energy Reduction

Exergy Controls allows you to capture previously wasted energy by managing each fixture individually to reduce your electrical lighting demand by 40% to 65%. In addition, the thermal impact of a reduction in lighting energy has a substantial effect on HVAC loads. The cumulative effect is a substantial reduction in your energy use, providing significant reductions in your energy costs.


Monitor and Control Energy Demand

Exergy’s digital network allows you to take control of your lighting system and its operation. The computer-based network of wired and wireless controls and sensors constantly monitor energy use in each space, implementing daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing as needed. Our administrative software provides real-time status of lighting system operation and allows updates and schedule modifications to be made for a single space or globally throughout the campus. Facilities management now has the ultimate real-time lighting analysis tool, allowing review and updates to a single room or an entire network of buildings.

Demand Response and Load Shedding

Using our digital communication capabilities, the Exergy system can easily interface with today’s complex Building Automation Systems. As energy demand increases, our system can assist demand management activities through pre-set load shedding routines and/or demand response scenarios. For the first time you are in control of your lighting system and its performance.

HVAC Influence

In addition to its direct energy consumption, lighting generates heat which must be removed by air conditioning. According to the Department of Energy, 42% of the thermal load on HVAC system is due to lighting. As lighting energy is reduced, HVAC loads will decrease.

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