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Color the NightCase Study: Color the Night – Maggie Daley Park, Chicago

In the heart of Chicago’s downtown lies the newly developed Maggie Daley Park. The park’s unique landscape, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, created a number of interesting challenges for the lighting design team comprised of Primera Engineers and Domingo Gonzales Associates (DGA) Lighting Design. The resulting lighting system includes everything from 60’ iconic tripod structures that cast a dramatic glow across the park’s winding paths and attractions to theatrically illuminated rock climbing walls.


Cal State Fullerton Case Study

Case Study: Lights On – Cal State University, Fullerton

Exergy’s web-enabled, graphical software allowed the campus to group light fixtures by location (such as Main Quad,
South Entrance, Parking Lot “B”, etc.) without concern for fixture circuiting, panel location, voltage, or any other powerrelated
issue. This was accomplished through the development of a secure outdoor wireless network that allowed campus
personnel to easily install, access, and manage new and retrofitted light fixtures as well as architectural elements such as
campus signage. Exergy’s software enabled authorized users to access this network through any web-based computer, iPad
tablet, or web-enabled device.


Facility Manager Magazine

Case Study: Cal State University, San Bernardino (APPA: Facility Manager Magazine)

Lighting upgrades, mainly to LED lighting, are ubiquitous on many campuses and use far less energy than older systems. Often, the startling savings and innovations are due only partly to new or improved fixtures and more to the technology of the control systems. For example, California State University, San Bernardino is completing the largest non municipal exterior LED fixture with wireless controls (provided by Exergy Controls) project in North America.


Energy SynergyEnergy Synergy – University Business Magazine

According to the Department of Energy, lighting consumes 60 percent of the energy used in the United States. California State University, Fullerton reduced energy costs and increased safety through a new lighting program created in tandem with vendor Exergy Controls, about five years ago when LED technology was just beginning to gain attention. “We set out to improve energy usage, control, maintenance and longevity,” says Doug Kind, manager of engineering and sustainability at the university. Exergy created a uniform network across campus, installing controllers in 700 light fixtures. These lights are powered by a single outdoor wireless system, allowing staff to control lighting by area.”


crafton-hillsCase Study: Crafton Hills Community College (Louis Poulsen Partnership with Exergy Controls)

Over the past ten years, Control has been an important consideration when designing interior lighting. The proper lighting controls can create a particular ambience and reduce energy consumption. These two benefits combine to produce a more comfortable atmosphere, resulting in increased employee efficiency. Numerous industry surveys have proven that light has a direct and profound influence on both the health and the feel-good factor of its subjects. Louis Poulsen has consistently recommended using dimming features for interior lighting. Dimming controls allow for improved levels of energy consumption and is compatible with our philosophy of “constantly striving to create the best interior surroundings and working conditions for human beings”.


csufCase Study: Cal State University, Fullerton

This is exactly the kind of lighting project the Obama administration would be proud of. A large entity, motivated through financial incentives, replaces hundreds of energy-guzzling, metal halides with efficient-and-programmable LEDs to save energy and create jobs.

The large entity, in this case, is California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). Taking advantage of financial incentives offered by Southern California Edison (SCE); CSUF is replacing hundreds of pedestrian luminaires with Premier post tops and Aria – Wall Sconce by Visionaire Lighting; and networking the poles via a wireless communications system from Exergy Controls.

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