overviewExergy Controls Overview Brochure

Exergy Controls provides individual management of exterior parking, walkway and roadway lighting fixtures. Exergy’s unique wireless “mesh” network creates a digital address for each light fixture, allowing them to be controlled individually or in groups. Outdoor lighting system performance can be tailored to switch or dim individual fixtures as traffic in parking and roadways diminish. Exterior fixtures can be managed independently or as part of a unified interior & exterior lighting control and management system.


interiorExergy Controls Interior Brochure

Interior environments are constantly changing and evolving. Varying space occupancy combined with the ebb and flow of natural daylight requires microprocessor-based sensors to track each changing environment. In addition, many spaces have multiple uses requiring simple and easy to use controls which make sophisticated transitions effortless. Your control system must orchestrate this constant flow of information and imperceptibly adapt each space’s lighting system to the needs of the environment and its occupants.


exteriorExergy Controls Exterior Brochure

Complete control of your outdoor lighting system is now achievable through advanced wireless technology, regardless of electrical power circuiting. Each fixture can be independently switched – or even dimmed – to provide appropriate illumination while using the lowest possible energy.

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