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Color the NightCase Study: Color the Night – Maggie Daley Park, Chicago

In the heart of Chicago’s downtown lies the newly developed Maggie Daley Park. The park’s unique landscape, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, created a number of interesting challenges for the lighting design team comprised of Primera Engineers and Domingo Gonzales Associates (DGA) Lighting Design. The resulting lighting system includes everything from 60’ iconic tripod structures that cast a dramatic glow across the park’s winding paths and attractions to theatrically illuminated rock climbing walls.


Cal State Fullerton Case Study

Case Study: Lights On – Cal State University, Fullerton

Exergy’s web-enabled, graphical software allowed the campus to group light fixtures by location (such as Main Quad,
South Entrance, Parking Lot “B”, etc.) without concern for fixture circuiting, panel location, voltage, or any other powerrelated
issue. This was accomplished through the development of a secure outdoor wireless network that allowed campus
personnel to easily install, access, and manage new and retrofitted light fixtures as well as architectural elements such as
campus signage. Exergy’s software enabled authorized users to access this network through any web-based computer, iPad
tablet, or web-enabled device.


Facility Manager Magazine

Case Study: Cal State University, San Bernardino (APPA: Facility Manager Magazine)

Lighting upgrades, mainly to LED lighting, are ubiquitous on many campuses and use far less energy than older systems. Often, the startling savings and innovations are due only partly to new or improved fixtures and more to the technology of the control systems. For example, California State University, San Bernardino is completing the largest non municipal exterior LED fixture with wireless controls (provided by Exergy Controls) project in North America.


Energy SynergyEnergy Synergy – University Business Magazine

According to the Department of Energy, lighting consumes 60 percent of the energy used in the United States. California State University, Fullerton reduced energy costs and increased safety through a new lighting program created in tandem with vendor Exergy Controls, about five years ago when LED technology was just beginning to gain attention. “We set out to improve energy usage, control, maintenance and longevity,” says Doug Kind, manager of engineering and sustainability at the university. Exergy created a uniform network across campus, installing controllers in 700 light fixtures. These lights are powered by a single outdoor wireless system, allowing staff to control lighting by area.”



Case Study: Crafton Hills Community College (Louis Poulsen Partnership with Exergy Controls)

Over the past ten years, Control has been an important consideration when designing interior lighting. The proper lighting controls can create a particular ambience and reduce energy consumption. These two benefits combine to produce a more comfortable atmosphere, resulting in increased employee efficiency. Numerous industry surveys have proven that light has a direct and profound influence on both the health and the feel-good factor of its subjects. Louis Poulsen has consistently recommended using dimming features for interior lighting. Dimming controls allow for improved levels of energy consumption and is compatible with our philosophy of “constantly striving to create the best interior surroundings and working conditions for human beings”.


csufCase Study: Cal State University, Fullerton

This is exactly the kind of lighting project the Obama administration would be proud of. A large entity, motivated through financial incentives, replaces hundreds of energy-guzzling, metal halides with efficient-and-programmable LEDs to save energy and create jobs.

The large entity, in this case, is California State University, Fullerton (CSUF). Taking advantage of financial incentives offered by Southern California Edison (SCE); CSUF is replacing hundreds of pedestrian luminaires with Premier post tops and Aria – Wall Sconce by Visionaire Lighting; and networking the poles via a wireless communications system from Exergy Controls.


overviewExergy Controls Overview Brochure

Exergy Controls provides individual management of exterior parking, walkway and roadway lighting fixtures. Exergy’s unique wireless “mesh” network creates a digital address for each light fixture, allowing them to be controlled individually or in groups. Outdoor lighting system performance can be tailored to switch or dim individual fixtures as traffic in parking and roadways diminish. Exterior fixtures can be managed independently or as part of a unified interior & exterior lighting control and management system.


interiorExergy Controls Interior Brochure

Interior environments are constantly changing and evolving. Varying space occupancy combined with the ebb and flow of natural daylight requires microprocessor-based sensors to track each changing environment. In addition, many spaces have multiple uses requiring simple and easy to use controls which make sophisticated transitions effortless. Your control system must orchestrate this constant flow of information and imperceptibly adapt each space’s lighting system to the needs of the environment and its occupants.



Exergy Controls Exterior Brochure

Complete control of your outdoor lighting system is now achievable through advanced wireless technology, regardless of electrical power circuiting. Each fixture can be independently switched – or even dimmed – to provide appropriate illumination while using the lowest possible energy.



Demand Response Load Shedding System for Lighting

Demand Response Load Shedding System for Lighting (California Energy Commission Report)

The purpose of this study was to investigate the feasibility of implementing automated demand response (DR) technology to reduce peak energy usage while minimizing occupant disruption. As part of the investigation an interface to the emerging Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) communication standard was created for the lighting control system (LCS) and a fully operational system was tested in a real‐world scenario.



XRG-250 Multi-Scene User Control Station with Raise/Lower Paddle

Exergy’s 5-button user interface incorporates a compact design that will replace multiple-gang switch locations with one versatile single-gang control panel. A Raise/Lower paddle allows called scenes to be fine-tuned to suit user preferences. It is available in four colors and is compatible with Decorator style cover plates.


XRG-300 Digitally Enhanced Daylight-Harvesting Sensor Ceiling Mounted

Sophisticated Photo-sensor technology enhanced with state-of-the-art digital circuitry and software provide a low profile, highly accurate determiner of in-room luminance. Sensors can manage light levels independently for one area or space, or as part of an integrated network of Photo-sensors managing any number of fixtures.

XRG 330

XRG-330 Digitally Enhanced Light Sensor Outdoor Mounted

The XRG-330 Outdoor-Mounted Digitally-Enhanced Light Sensor is designed to monitor and report brightness information through the XRG-DIM to the XRG-1000. The XRG-1000 can then use the brightness information to make decisions regarding the power state of its fixtures.


XRG-410 Digitally Enhanced Dual Tech Occupancy / Vacancy Sensor 360 Degree PIR + Acoustic Detection

Sophisticated Dual-Technology Occupancy Sensor, enhanced with state-of-the-art digital circuitry and software, provide a low profile, highly accurate determiner of space occupancy/vacancy. The combination of 100% Digital PIR and Acoustic detection provides a robust sensor capable of reliably analyzing the occupancy status of a room. It continuously analyzes the environment and self-adapts to meet variable conditions. Multiple units may be used in conjunction for integrated occupancy monitoring in larger areas.


XRG-502 Wireless Switching and 0-10V Controller

The XRG-502 Wireless Switching and Dimming Controller is a key component in the Exergy Wireless Lighting Control System. Each individually-addressable controller is designed to be easily installed within a light fixture, pole, or other enclosure. Each Controller can provide independent on/off control of one or two lighting loads and dimming control via one or two 0-10V interfaces. Coupled with the wireless system’s main scheduling capability, the locally-stored schedule within every wireless controller provides safety through redundancy. Users are able to control, manage and monitor their lighting loads as a unified system, providing superb operational flexibility.



XRG-525 Tri-Circuit Wired or Wireless Relay Controller

The XRG-525 Wired or Wireless Relay Controller provides up to three line-voltage or three low-voltage relay inputs for independent switching of on/off loads. Communication to the device is achieved through either a low-voltage addressable interface (DALI) or through Exergy’s secure wireless radio-frequency mesh network.


XRG-600 DALI-Powered Switching and 0-10V Controller

The XRG-600 DALI-Powered Switching and 0-10V Controller is designed to be easily installed within a lighting fixture or an enclosure. The controller can switch one, 4 amp circuit and provides an industry-standard 0-10V dimming output that can be fed into one or more 0-10V drivers/ballasts. As part of the advanced XRG-1000 Digital Lighting Control System, users are able to control and monitor all of their lighting loads as a unified system, providing superb operational flexibility.


XRG-750 Programmable Motion Sensor, Photo Sensor and Time Clock

The XRG-750 Programmable Motion Sensor, Photo Sensor, and Time clock is designed to be mounted within an indoor or outdoor fixture housing. The sensor is designed to be installed inside the bottom of a lighting fixture. This unit can be used in parking lots, parking garages, warehouses, pedestrian walkways or any similar application indoor and outdoor.


XRG-1000 Digital Lighting Control Center, Wired and Wireless Networks for Interior and Exterior Fixtures

Exergy’s networkable Digital Control Center enables comprehensive management of interior and exterior lighting systems using both wired and wireless communications. Cabinet communication processors allow for communication through a number of protocols, allowing Exergy’s system to coordinate its operations with Building Management System (BMS). Networked into a building’s existing Ethernet backbone, this powerful lighting control system manages and monitors a nearly unlimited number of lighting fixtures and coordinates their activities based on user operational preferences.

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