Exergy Controls Announces Auto Dealership Lighting Control

Exergy Controls is proud to announce the new features service for auto dealerships. The use of LED lighting to illuminate Auto Dealerships provides a tremendous opportunity for management to use lighting to sell cars.

Lighting can be used to provide emphasis on different front-line cars throughout the evening hours (raising illumination on one car or area to draw attention) as well as varying overall illumination levels throughout the evening – from general sales (attracts both destination shoppers as well as the casual impulse visitor), to enhanced illumination when a specific car is being evaluated by a customer, to after-hour sales levels, to late-night security. Schedules can be altered for week night, week end and holiday hours. Web-based control via computers and tablets can be provided for sales interaction with the lighting system. Add to this the overwhelming desire of business owners to control their energy usage and you have identified the demand for sophisticated lighting controls.