Exergy Controls adds Colorful Illumination to Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park with Innovative Wireless DMX Lighting Control

Unique Control Software Delivers Robust & Cost Effective Control of Architectural and Color-changing Theatrical LED Lights.

LONG BEACH, CA (July 29, 2015) EXERGY CONTROLS (http://www.exergycontrols.com), a lighting technology company, completed installation of a new park-wide lighting control system at Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park (http://www.maggiedaleypark.com). Exergy Controls was celebrated for its state-of-the-art achievement at an inaugural event produced by Chicago’s International Engineering Society (IES) with representative speakers from the Chicago Park District, Primera Engineers and Aldridge Electric.

In discussing the recent inaugural event held at the park, PG Enlighten’s Dan Ardelean commented, “This event was the largest turn out of local lighting professionals in recent memory, and I believe it properly showcased Exergy Controls’ system and its capabilities.”

The park’s unique landscape, designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, created a number of interesting challenges for the lighting design team headed by DGA Lighting Design and Primera Engineers. The resulting lighting design included everything from 60’ iconic tripod structures that cast a dramatic glow across the park’s winding paths and attractions to theatrically illuminated rock climbing walls which change in support of local city sports teams and events.

Each exterior light is equipped with wireless controls. Using an iPad or tablet computer, Exergy’s software displays each fixture on an interactive map, allowing facilities personnel to toggle power, adjust light levels, view maintenance alerts and review energy savings – reduced by as much 45% to 65%.

Exergy Controls was called upon to provide a system capable to managing the facility’s wide array of interior and exterior lighting fixtures. “The key element of our success” said Exergy’s Jim Haas of the three-year project, “was the system’s ability to link and manage all lighting elements (including color changing DMX controlled fixtures) for this amazing civic facility at an installed cost lower than traditional conduit-based wired systems.”

Exergy Controls was selected for this project by Primera Engineers, supported by PG Enlighten, due to the system’s ability to handle large sites, multiple light sources, as well as their Web-based software application that allows City personnel to control both indoor & outdoor, wired and wireless LED lights from one unified software application. Brian Rotty, the Exergy speaker at the IES event commented, “Logistics in such a complex project were challenging, but Aldridge Electric’s construction experience was a critical element in this successful project.”

About Exergy Controls
Founded in 2008, Exergy Controls provides wired and wireless management of interior and exterior lighting fixtures from a single web-based interface. Exergy’s unique wireless “mesh” network creates a digital address for each light fixture, allowing them to be controlled individually or in groups using all major lighting control languages including architecturally based DALI & 0-10v and theatrical standard DMX. Outdoor lighting system performance can be tailored to switch or dim individual fixtures as traffic in parking and roadways diminish.

For more information, the company can be contacted at (562) 981-2127 or on its website at www.exergycontrols.com.